Volunteering for SiouxperCon Comes with Benefits!

Volunteers who work one 5 hour-shift receive a free weekend pass to the convention! 


Please keep in mind that volunteer positions fill up quickly so do not delay in applying. Additionally, applicants that are available for shifts on at least two of the three-day convention will be the first ones chosen as volunteers.

Volunteer Duties

You will be required to check in at the beginning and end of each shift. Volunteers must perform the duties assigned and must heed the direction of the SiouxperCon staff. Examples of duties include, but are not limited to:

Registration Table Assistance: 

(including but not limited to answering attendee questions about the convention and convention amenities, assisting staff with collecting and disbursement of convention incentive items, badges and assisting with the sale and pickup of convention passes.)

Information Assistance, Line & Crowd Control: 

(including but not limited to monitoring and helping to disperse crowd congestion, informing attendees about specified areas, organizing and directing attendees to form lines for signings, entry, etc., and capping lines to prevent additional attendees from joining a line queue.)

Friday Convention Setup: 

(including but not limited to assisting exhibitors with their setup, assembling displays and cases, moving and arranging tables and chairs, moving and organizing boxes, displays and more with dispersed loads of up to 50lbs per person, and installing and setting up signs and convention decor.)

Sunday Convention Breakdown: 

(including but not limited to exhibitors with table breakdowns, disassembling and packing displays and cases, moving and stacking tables and chairs, moving, organizing and packing boxes, displays and more with dispersed loads of up to 50lbs per person, and removing and packing signs and convention decor.)

Film & Panel Room Entry Monitoring: 

(including but not limited to checking for badge pass access at the film room door; permitting those with appropriate passes to enter while politely rejecting violators and directing them to Registration to purchase access.)

Exhibitor Assistance: 

(including but not limiting to booth monitoring for exhibitors, acting as go-betweens for SiouxperCon Staff and Exhibitors, Acting as a personal assistant to a Featured Guest, etc.)

Staff Assistant: 

(including but not limited to providing supplies, stocking food and beverage in green room, security and/or completing other errands at the request of the staff/exhibitors)

Duties will be assigned the day of the show based on availability of position and the volunteer. While each volunteer will be assigned a position at the start of your shift, you may be asked to fulfill another position if needs and programming change. Volunteers must complete the duties assigned to them during that shift and cannot break from their duties to attend a signing, panel or any other show attraction. SiouxperCon is depending on the diligence of the volunteer during those hours.

Additional Information

Dress comfortably, as you will be only given one shirt for the whole weekend. If you need to wear it more than one day, we recommend you wear another shirt underneath the SiouxperCon shirt. Shorts and slacks are permitted. No sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed. Please do not wear heavy or intrusive jewelry (“intrusive” being anything that can potentially harm you or people around you).

The SiouxperCon volunteer shirt must be worn during all shifts the volunteer works. SiouxperCon cannot guarantee a shirt in your size. If SiouxperCon is out of shirts in the volunteer’s size, the volunteer must wear a shirt of a larger size. If all sizes are too small, the volunteer will not be furnished with a shirt.

While working as a volunteer, you are representing SiouxperCon. It is essential that you are kind, courteous, knowledgeable and professional at all times to ensure attendees and exhibitors enjoy the show.

General Guidelines

Volunteers are NOT permitted to:

  • Handle or be in charge of money unless instructed to do so by SiouxperCon Staff.
  • Manage an Exhibitor’s booth without the permission of the Exhibitor.
  • Give interviews to the press on the behalf of the show.

Volunteers Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age by September 1st, 2023. We do allow volunteers ages 16 to 18 as long as they are accompanied by an adult chaperone and sign a minor release form from their legal parent or guardian.
  • Must be able to complete at least a minimum of one 4-hour shift over the course of the convention (Friday, September 29, Saturday, September 30 & Sunday, October 1.)
  • In order to be eligible for a SiouxperCon weekend pass and the SiouxperCon volunteer swag, must work at least one 5-hour shifts.

Final Disclaimer

Please note that SiouxperCon reserves the right to modify these rules and regulations at any time without prior notice, and may deny any individual a Volunteer assignment for any reason. Submitting a Volunteer registration form does not guarantee a Volunteer assignment to SiouxperCon.

Thank you for reading through the General Rules and Regulations. By applying in the link below, you agree and accept all terms, rules, and regulations as set out by SiouxperCon.