Information on our 2022 videogaming room will be available soon. Thank you to our 2021 sponsors Midco and Last Stop CD Shop!

The Midco Video Game Room at SiouxperCon is included with your ticket so we hope you are ready to play! With admission you can sign up for any of the tournaments completely free. If you win the tournament, you will get your very own SiouxperCon Trophy, as well as a chance to win a special prize from Last Stop CD Shop.


In the video game area, you will have a chance to play the latest consoles, generously provided by our sponsor Last Stop CD Shop, plus all the old retro games on NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Play Station 1, Play Station 2 and much, much more.

New For 2021 - Live Twitch Streaming Done at The Con!

Everyone’s favorite Sioux Falls Streamer KaptinKup is going to be live playing games all three days! Come down and watch him play, request games, and even get some advice on how you can become a streamer yourself!

Video Gaming Guests!

We are excited that members of The Harry Wizards Clan are coming in to take part in our Siouxpergaming Video Games this year.
We’re going to let them introduce themselves.

Meet Mike! 

My name is Mike “KingExcalibur69” Britland and I am a big time Hunter, Fisher, and gamer. I am into games like Destiny, Red Dead Redemption, Pokémon, Forza, and the Borderlands series.

I know you guys from the clan I’m in with KaptinKup and Trippity Trav. Shout out to Harry Wizards gaming. They asked if I could come out and see what all the cool fuss is about and I agreed.

I’m coming to Siouxpercon because it’s cool to see all the different cons that are in different states than where I’m I’m from.

KingExcalibur69 is my only gamer tag and the only King in Harry Wizards Gaming.

Meet Tiffany!

Hi! My name is Tiffany Goucher. My gamer tag on Xbox is Tedien the Elf. I like to kayak, hunt, play DnD as well as play video games. Destiny 2 is the one I play the most but I also play Fable 3, Borderlands (I’ve played them all but Pre-Sequel is my favorite), BioShock and Team Fortress 2 to name a few.

I heard about Siouxpercon through my clan leader, Kaptinkup. He leads The Harry Wizards clan. Kaptinkup invited me to come up and be a part of my first con.

I’m super excited to be a part of Siouxpercon, this being my first one and all. I cannot wait to have my mind blown by all the cool stuff that’s going to be there!