Panels & Q&A

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Panels & Q&A Sessions

The panels at SiouxperCon span every fandom imaginable. It’s a pop culture junkie’s dream! In the past we have featured panels on comic books, art, video games, cosplay, anime, horror, movies, wrestling and so much more from national creators to talented locals! You’ll only get to experience these once-in-a-lifetime panels at SiouxperCon Volume 5!

Information on 2020 panels coming soon!

Apply To Host a Panel at SiouxPercon!

Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to this you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You promise that you can fill the amount of time that is selected in your application.
  2. You are agreeing that you will not run over the time that is indicated in the application.
  3. You are agreeing that the set up time that is indicated is going to be a sufficient amount of time. We will not be negotiating the set up time indicated.
  4. SiouxperCon will not be providing any equipment for your panel. Any equipment needed must be supplied by the host of the panel. That includes monitors, projectors, and any other audio/visual equipment. If that is needed, you are agreeing as the host of the panel that you will be providing such equipment.

SiouxperCon is a nonprofit educational event dedicated to promoting literacy and valuable life skills in an inclusive and friendly environment.  The vision of SiouxperCon is to engage individuals, cultivating their interest in comics and various popular art forms through workshops, panels, seminars, exhibitions and hosting conventions. Our board and staff are 100% volunteer driven.