Science Steve

Steven Rokusek

SiouxperCon would like to thank 3M, Avera, SDN Communications, and Black Hills Energy for sponsoring Science Steve in his return to SiouxperCon. 

Steven Rokusek is an education specialist at South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB). Steven develops resource materials, including video, for specific content areas and then provides in-service training at schools and education conferences across the state for both educational staff and parents. Steven updates and maintains the content on the education section of the SDPB website. Steven also travels the state as “Science Steve,” an entertainer who uses humor and fascinating demonstrations to bring dry theorems and scientific laws to life. The demonstrations are entertaining for kids and adults and include physics, chemistry, and anatomy demonstrations. He has taught physics, physical science, anatomy, biology, and earth science.

Come and meet Steve near the Kidzone September 30th to October 2nd at the Sioux Falls Convention Center during SIouxperCon: Retromania.