Megan Yellow boy

Megan Yellow Boy

Excited to announce that a South Dakota original is coming home for SiouxperCon Retromania!!

Originally from the Pine Ridge Reservation, Megan Yellow Boy lived in Sioux Falls for 6 years during which time she began playing TTRPGs starting with Dungeons & Dragons. From there she started hanging out at Sioux Falls’ wonderful FLGS, Game Chest where she helped establish a GM Support Group and was introduced to many different systems before discovering a preference for Monster of the Week. Soon after, she found a new favorite podcast in The Critshow, an actual play podcast where the main story, The Other Side of the Coin, is set in a world using the Powered by the Apocalypse system (Monster of the Week, Dungeon World, and more.) She threw her name in the ring when they held auditions a year later and joined the main cast soon after. Adding to that role, she is currently also a part of the cast of several of The Critshow Studios productions including the Patreon exclusive pirate rpg Perilous Tides and the Tales from the Omniverse series, as well as their weekly Twitch series The Omniverse Chronicles and Mystery Detectives.

You can learn about all the adventures Megan is involved with at She currently lives in Indianapolis with her cat, Phineas, and is thrilled to return home to run games and participate in SiouxperCon this year.