Mark Stegbauer

Mark Stegbauer

We are pleased to announce the SiouxperCon debut of Comic BOok Artist, Mark Stegbauer.

Mark is a 30 year veteran of the comic book industry, having worked for Marvel, DC, Image, and tons of Indy publishers. His art has been in such books as Spider-Man, Avengers, Nova, JLA, Flash, Steel, The Badger, and numerous others. 


He is the co-creator and current artist/writer of Dr Goyle and is the co-creator and artist of the all ages action comic, Ghoul Scouts! He has done work for Upper Deck on many Marvel licensed cars sets as well. 


He currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife, dog, and 2 cats. He likes cheese.

Join us in making Mark feel welcome during SiouxperCon: Retromania September 30 to October 2 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.