Maria Wolf Lopez

Maria Wolf Lopez

When the legendary Comic Book creator Jill Thompson recommended Maria “Wolf” Lopez to us as a guest for SiouxperCon, we listened. Maria made her debut at SiouxperConline and is now poised to make her Sioux Falls debut at SiouxperCon Retromania.

Maria is a Chicago-based comic book artist and freelance illustrator. Her work has been published in several short stories and anthologies like Deer Women and The Lost Pages. Her art work has been displayed in many galleries and charity events; she was also given the opportunity to illustrate artwork for the Smithsonian Museum [Native Knowledge 360]

Her cover work for Marvel has flown off the shelves making them some of the most sought after variant covers on the market. Her work includes Marvel Voices,  X- Force, Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone, Reptil, Women of Marvel, Spider-Punk, Devils Reign, X-Men, By the Horns, Refrigerator full of Heads, Drumsticks of Doom, Lunar Room, God Killer and Barbaric.

She expresses her love, passion and raw detail through every line she draws. She believes that every line should bring out movement and flow, making even the smallest of details matter.

Her art has been described as intense and powerful. Ultimately perfecting her skills and exploring new techniques to enhance her style of work. She looks forward to every new opportunity and welcomes the challenges of her next big projects.

Maria will be featured on the exhibitor floor September 30-October 2 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center during SiouxperCon Retromania.