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First Lego League
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First LEGO League

FIRST is the world’s leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing  STEM education. For 30 years students from all walks of life have  developed self-confidence in STEM and valuable, real-world skills  through FIRST that open pathways to a better future. 

Through a progression of team-based robotics challenges and backed by  a global network of mentors, coaches, volunteers, alumni, and sponsors,  FIRST ® helps young people discover a passion for STEM and develop the  skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.  

First will be on the exhibitor floor in a large interactive booth with plenty to do for everyone. One half will be a table filled with LEGO pieces that are free for participants to play and build with.

The other half will have FLL robots that participants can program. Information on how to form a team and how to volunteer will also be available at the booth.

On Siouxper Family Day, Sunday October 3rd, First Lego League will have a featured panel with Jeremy, coaches and volunteers that will also feature video of the league. 

For more information about First LEGO League Programs from EmBe in South Dakota, please contact Jeremy Haugen at