Elijah Horland

Elijah Horland

SIouxpercon is pleased to announce that Elijah Horland of MythBusters Jr. will be joining us for SiouxperCon Retromania.

Join Elijah, one of the hosts of the Discovery Science Channel’s MythBusters Jr. reunited with his co-stars! 

When Rachel brings the Dazzle, Allie brings the inspiration, Elijah always follows along with the “creative” technical mischief. We’re never sure if the quotes go over creative, technical or “mischief.”

This time, Elijah reveals a complete retro-gaming rig in a portable spy-suitcase, featuring the “Worst Game Controllers, Ever!”

Re-live the 8-32 bit PC, Arcade & Console era, but with even more annoying controllers.

Wait and see it drop. Literally, drop. Really.

Come and meet Elijah along with his co-stars from Mythbusters Junior; Aliie and Rachel on the vendor floor at the Sioux Falls Convention Center September 30 to October 2nd AND a huge mainstage show from the entire Mythbusters Jr crew during SiouxperCon Retromania.