Film Festival

The 2023 Film Festival selections and schedule are below.

Thank you to all who submitted and congrats to the chosen films! 


  • 6PM – Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) | Director – Tobe Hooper

    • In the sequel to his 1974 classic, Tobe Hooper doubles down on gallows humor and gore. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 follows radio DJ Vanita “Stretch” Brock as she crosses paths with the cannibalistic Sawyer Family and a vengeful Texas Ranger attempting to bring them to justice. Starring SiouxperCon Guests Caroline Williams (Stretch) and Bob Elmore (Leatherface).

  • 8PM – Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 2 (2023) | Director – Brinke Stevens

    • In this sequel to the ‘80s cult classic, another group of college kids break into a bowling alley and run afoul of a mischievous imp with a taste for murder. A cheesy, low-budget take on the classic “monkey’s paw” trope, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama 2 is the very definition of a midnight movie! Starring SiouxperCon Guest Kelli Maroney (Auntie Snake)

  • 9PM – After Dark Shorts

    • The Haunted Baby Carriage from Hell | Director – JT Seaton

      • “In this LGBTQ+ Comedy Horror Short Film, Spencer and Cameron move into a new house that just so happens to be haunted by an old baby carriage. As the carriage endeavors to scare the couple, the attempts ultimately fail because the couple just doesn’t care… like… you know… at all. The Haunted Baby Carriage From Hell features a hilarious performance by cult actress Kelli Maroney.”

    • The Path of the Greys | Director – Joshua van’t Hoff

      • “A Grey pupil in the Star Wars universe is subjected to a physical and mental test by his mentor to prove that he is on the right path of the Force: being neither Jedi nor Sith.”

    • Sulayman | Director – Blog Caliguia

      • “A warrior confronts a mysterious menace from the forest in order to protect his village.”

    • Greed & Gore | Director – Adam Kirkey

      • “Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.”

    • Attack of the 50 Foot Sphincter from Space | Director – AJ Chambers

      • “A spoiled millionaire uses his private space program to claim a treasure from Mars that awakens a giant space monster. Now it’s taking revenge on Earth.”


  • 3PM – Screenwriting 101 with Hollywood Screenwriters Nick Simon and Tony Fleecs 

    • Learn the basics of screenwriting with Hollywood screenwriters Nick Simon (The Pyramid, The Girl in the Photographs) and Tony Fleecs (My Little Pony, Stray Dogs).

  • 4PM – The Kokhanokers | Director – Fern Lopez

    • “Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, on the shore of the legendary Lake Iliamna, lies a historic renowned hunting and fishing lodge. The lodge is home to one of the best remaining and most pristine sock-eye salmon runs in the world. A place so remote it’s accessible only by an often-treacherous boat ride or seaplane; only the most adventurous have made the journey.”

  • 5PM – Vertical Freedom | Director – Doug Lee

    • “Documentary that follows the lives of 6 tower climbers. They live their lives to the fullest every day. Their climb never stops. In life and on the job.”

  • 7:00PM – Local Shorts 

    • I Know You Didn’t Ask for This | Director – Daniel Bergeson

      • “A 30-something man surprises his mother with a visit, hoping to show her how he has changed. But he doesn’t get the welcome he expects.”

    • Letters | Director – Eva Beunza

      • “Emma has been working for some time to get a job in Canada. After much effort and hours of work, she receives a letter stating that she has been selected. Everything takes a turn when she asks her partner to move to Canada together. The memories of her childhood, the relationship with her parents and the couple’s situation make them doubt about their future.”

    • The Pen | Director – John Barnes

      • “A pen with something to say.”

    • Nostalgia | Director – Katie Otten

      • “Two fangirls reminisce about their childhoods spent playing with Sci-Fi toys as one makes hard life decisions.”

    • Perchance to Dream | Director – Tristan Barnard

      • “A trapper seeks shelter in a friendly looking town that is not what it appears to be.”

    • Consumed | Director – Josh Gates

      • “A woman retrieves a mysterious box from her attic, revealing the truth about her life and her past.”

    • If Lois Was Wrong About Superman’s Identity | Director – Tate Mohlenkamp 

      • “Lois Lane has finally figured out who superman is, or has she?”

  • 8:30PM – Local Filmmakers Panel

    • Q&A session with local filmmakers.

  • 10PM – After Party at Remedy 611

    • Located 3 blocks south of the Sioux Falls Convention Center.


  • 1PM – Crimson Archer: A GI Joe Fan Film | Director – Pierre Doanetto

    • “A group of Joe’s save one of their own from the hands of Cobra, a terrorist organization out to rule the world.”

  • 2:30PM – If I Were A Pony | Director – Leonard Eckhaus

    • “If I Were a Pony by Leonard Eckhaus is the story of a boy and his pony told from the Pony’s perspective.”