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Current Confirmed Vendors & Artists

3D Electronic Logo

3D Electronic

3D Electronic combines 3D printing and electronic projects. This may be the last time to get some unique pop culture and geek 3D printed items before 3D Electronic moves on to a new (and yet to be announced) exciting direction for the company.

Exhibit Hall #58

3rd Degree Hearts Logo

3rd Degree Hearts Design

We sell art prints, foil art cards/yugioh field centers, vinyl stickers, and premium vinyl banners.

Exhibit Hall #95 and 105

8-bit Hero Geek Novelties logo

8-bit Hero Geek Novelties

Handcrafted geek novelties made by nerds, for nerds! We make everything from jewelry to props!

Exhibit Hall #68

black and white abstract art piece

Adrian’s Anomalies

Selling original paintings and prints of fantasy art.

Exhibit Hall #62

Ai Mochi Arts

Ai Mochi Arts is a partnership of two sisters who love anime and otaku culture. We design and make many cute stationary and prints for your anime needs!

Exhibit Hall #65

Aidith's Green Screen Adventures Logo

Aidith's Green Screen Adventures

My primary focus is taking green screen photos, with a selection of over 100 backgrounds to choose from, to create fun scenes. I also have a small selection of hand made jewelry, dice bags, etc.

Exhibit Hall #59

Books by author Christopher Schmitz

Author Christopher Schmitz

Christopher Schmitz is the author of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Humor. He also teaches new authors how take their stories from idea to paperback.

Exhibit Hall #75

Bad Hand Books logo

Bad Hand Books

You can do a lot with a bad hand. We’re bringing you the best in horror, crime, and dark fantasy fiction. Bad Hand Books was founded by Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Doug Murano.

Exhibit Hall #89

Big Kid's Karnival logo

Big Kid's Karnival

We make toy art, plush toys, and comic books. We are toy enthusiasts, storytellers, and artists. We make whimsical creations you won’t find anywhere else.

Exhibit Hall #79

Brick Bunch

We sell mini and big figures from your favorite movies, popular books and tv shows!

Exhibit Hall #60 and 70

Bricks and MiniFigs logo

Bricks & Minifigs

Bricks & Minifigs Sioux Falls is your local LEGO® new, used and retired buy, sell, trade store!

Exhibit Hall #136

Brookings Books and Dakota Comics logos

Siouxper Sponsor!

Brookings Books & Comics

Bringing Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga and Quality Used Books to Brookings, SD since 1998.

Exhibit Hall #119, 120, 129 and 130

Centered Edge logo

Centered Edge Design

Centered Edge Design wants people to try mini painting as a way to find a calm activity that can inject some ‘flow state’ into lives, and bring valuable PEACE to a crazy world.

Exhibit Hall #83

Chasing White Rabbits logo

Chasing White Rabbit Creations

Chasing White Rabbits Creations is a one woman show specializing in handmade items…especially nerdy ones. Tumblers, jewelry, keychains, phone grips, and more. On top of ready made items, custom orders are also an option.

Exhibit Hall #113

Color World Logo


Officially Licensed Metal Prints and Bookmarks, Books, and Rad Apparel

Exhibit Hall #144

Comic Wreck Logo

Comic Wreck

Comic Wreck is thrilled to be returning to this event! We have a huge selection of MANGA (3,000+ individual volumes), at some of the LOWEST prices (majority $6!) – BRING YOUR WANT LIST! We ALSO BUY AND TRADE Manga, so BRING US YOUR OVERSTOCK/DISCARDS and those awkward Christmas gifts – we also have 100’s of Prints – TV, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf & Walking Dead: Movies: Comic Art, Anime/Manga, Video Games, Toys – and Just Plain Strange Pop Culture merchandise. And any remaining space will be PACKED with our “Bookcase Of the Bizarre” (B.O.B.) – “…things you may have Never seen before, may never see again, and quite frankly, probably Don’t want to see now…” But you won’t know until you try….Come see our staff – they’re just like Earth in the revised Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – “Mostly Harmless…” – at the Comic Wreck booths!

Exhibit Hall #131 and 132

Common Sense Logo

Siouxper Sponsor!

Common Sense

Exhibit Hall #133, 134 and 135

Cosmic Signs and Design booth

Cosmic Signs and Design

Signs, stickers, flask, tumblers, glasses, and more…

Exhibit Hall #143

Craft Quest Logo

Craft Quest

We are a family run business that creates various types of art. Between all of us, we sell items such as prints, keychains, stickers, glasses, ornaments, and canvases.

Exhibit Hall #72

Custom Wood Artistry

Custom Wood Artistry is a veteran owned family owned wood shop. We make wood plaques, magnets, game pieces, trays and so much more! Most, if not all, can be custom made and personalized to order as well.

Exhibit Hall #86 and 87

Dhea Loral Logo

Dhea Loral / Author Douglas Van Dyke Jr

Douglas Van Dyke Jr is author of nine books: 7 fantasy, 1 steampunk, and one comical anthology of RPG stories. His books are available on Amazon, Kindle, Audible, and other distributors. In 2021, two lucky winners won the books of their choice from a free book drawing at his booth.

Exhibit Hall #74

Doodles By Kadoodles

Fan art and cutie colorful creations to spread smiles! Doodles by Kadoodles is small illustration business based locally out of Sioux Falls, SD.

Exhibit Hall #76

Douglas Props Logo

Douglas Props

Douglas Props is your premium studio with over a decade of experience. Selling cosplay props, prop patterns, maker kits and more! All our props are made by our artists in-house.

Exhibit Hall #97

Artwork from Dreaded Dinosaur Man comic

Dreaded Dinosaur/Art of Erik Hodson

Creator of The Dreaded Dinosaur Man on WEBTOON! Pro Wrestling Artist, Comic Illustrator and educator!

Exhibit Hall #95 and 105

E Moore Art Studio logo

E. Moore Art Studio

I’m Elizabeth (like the Queen), a professional fine art illustrator, based in Fargo, ND! I create vibrant anime inspired illustrations that are printed on popular items such as prints, stickers, apparel, and pins! Check out my art everywhere @e.mooreart and let’s hangout on the internet ~

Exhibit Hall #139 and 140

Exploding Cosplayer Riot merchandise

Exploding Cosplayer Riot

I mainly do pride items.

Exhibit Hall #64

Flashbax logo


Flashbax is a company that specializes in all sorts of collectibles from the 1900s-today! We carry items from many pop culture shows and toylines and often carry unique items rarely found elsewhere. Have something you want to trade or sell? Swing by our booth and we’ll take a look!

Exhibit Hall #116

Galaxy Props

We custom create our cosplay props.

Exhibit Hall #80 and 90

Geek Girl Creations logo
Say It In Stitches Logo

Geek Girl Creations & SayItInStitches777

We handmake and sell fabric items including quilted Christmas ornaments, reading pillows, embroidered artwork and other fun fabric and embroidered items.

Exhibit Hall #85

Gooey Cube Logo

Gooey Cube LLC

Helping GMs run epic games is what we’re all about. The driving motivation behind our work here at Gooey Cube is to create engaging adventures based in an expansive world with a rich history that comes alive every time it’s played. We seek to help GMs craft epic tales that are compelling for players, and entertaining for the Game Master. Through masterful art in various styles, a dedication to story, and proofed GM strategies, we believe that every game run in Zyathé has the potential to become part of an unforgettable campaign!

Exhibit Hall #98 and 99

Gregg Paulsen logo

Gregg Paulsen

I’m an independent comic book artist and creator, I have drawn and created the independent titles Ironclad an The Black Owl

Exhibit Hall #71

Halls Toy Box logo

Hall's Toy Box

Exhibit Hall #47

picture of a steampunk style butterfly broach

Hawke's Tiny Flights of Fancy

I make hand made capes, costume accessories by commission, ball jointed doll cloths, pet capes, and wings.

Exhibit Hall #66

Henna Harvest Logo

Henna harvest

Henna Harvest specializes in all natural, safe, and temporary henna body artwork. Check out our design book or enjoy a custom design that lasts from 1-2 weeks before fading away. We also have original henna prints, stickers, and more!

Exhibit Hall #46

House of Loli logo

House Of Loli

I sell hand-made costumes, accessories, amigurumi dolls, and Fandom inspired crafts.

Exhibit Hall #112

picture of Jast from the Past booth

Jast from the Past Collectibles

As a company we sell figures from popular comic books and television including but not limited to Marvel, DC Comics, TMNT, AEW, WWE, Transformers, G I Joe, Dragonball, etc.

Exhibit Hall #91 and 101

Kitten League Logo

Kitten League

The Kitten League is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to providing better futures for unwanted kittens through education, TNR assistance and neonatal care services.

Exhibit Hall #141

Konspiracy Cosplay merchandise

Konspiracy Cosplay LLC

We sell pop culture inspired plush, hats, scarves, accessories, costume pieces & custom costumes. We also do pixel art & pop culture inspired decor items.

Exhibit Hall #81

Closeup of a Funko Pop toy

Krypton Comics

Sell newer and vintage-comics, toys, posters and pops.

Exhibit Hall #102 and 103

A dress from Lady Godiva Designs

Lady Godiva Designs

Lady Godiva Designs is a costume, cosplay, couture, and design shop that focuses on the customer. We aim to be budget conscious and budget friendly while still maintaining high quality standards.

Exhibit Hall #109

Last Stop Logo

Siouxper Sponsor!

Last Stop CD Shop

We buy and sell CDs, DVDs, video games and books!

Exhibit Hall #100 and 110

Matt Rybarczyk’s Comics and Toys

This is your one stop booth for comics and toys. I carry comic books from the silver age to this week’s releases. I also stock a vast assortment of 6” and 3 3/4” Star Wars action figures. You will also find a nice offering of Marvel Legends. Feel free to send your want lists to Matt.rybar@gmail.com.

Exhibit Hall #20 and 30

Mobile Game World logo

Mobile Game World

We sell retro & modern video games, consoles and accessories.

Exhibit Hall #56 and 57

Moneco Arts Logo

Moneco Arts

I create artwork of anything that inspires me from video games, comics, anime and soon, movies as well. I sell art prints/posters and collectible cards

Exhibit Hall #73

Mooses Marvelous Woodburnings Logo

Mooses Marvelous Woodburnings

We offer hand burned artwork inspired by comics, movies, TV shows, and other areas of pop culture. We also offer hand made real stone jewelry.

Exhibit Hall #49

Ms. Chevious Logo

Ms. Chevious, LLC

Ms. Chevious is a full-time artist that rocks wonderous and unique art in a variety of mediums, including: chalk, watercolor, photography, and sculpture. She tours the Midwest in the summer months selling originals and prints, and hibernates in the winter, like Bigfoot.

Exhibit Hall #108


Nanocon is a free gaming convention in Madison, South Dakota. Play and participate in fun events and tournaments for tabletop games and video games!

Breezeway #17

Now Human Playthings logo

Now Human Playthings

Handmade and hand painted con-compliant wood prop/toy weapons

Exhibit Hall #107

Oak Leaf Comics & Collectibles

Oak Leaf Comics & Collectibles carries a large selection of Comic Books, Pop Culture, Game and Toy related items. Customer favorites include Squishmallows, Pokemon Plush, The Large Pop Culture Magnet Selection, Posters & Tin Signs, Vinyl Records, Barbie, Sports Cards, and Board and Card Games. We carry one of the largest selections of Comic Books, from Modern to Golden Age, in the Midwest. We also stock nearly 4000 Graphic Novels, TPB’s & Japanese Manga books. Crossroads Candles are a Christmas favorite! Funko Pop Figures, Jigsaw Puzzles, Harry Potter, & Nightmare Before Christmas Items will always make a great gift. You will also find supplies for most of your collecting needs. Just in case you can’t decide, we offer Gift Certificates in any amount you would like.

Exhibit Hall #137 and 138

Phoenix Dawn Creations Logo

Phoenix Dawn Creations

Phoenix Dawn Creations is a small, home-based business that focuses on several arts to create fun, handmade items both for sale and by commission. Our current products include original art and prints; dice boxes decorated in several different ways (hand-painted, decoden, and more!); crocheted plush toys; resin keychains, charms, jewelry, and stim toys; and grab bags that may include any products from our catalog. All of our work is original and handmade by us! We also offer commissions for everything we make.

Exhibit Hall #94

Queen on the Scene logo

Queen On The Scene

Inappropriately awesome enamel pins and gear. 100% LGBT-owned and based in Sioux Falls, SD.

Exhibit Hall #114

Rainbow Comics

Exhibit Hall #40 and 50

RatAttack Studios logo

RatAttack Studios

Custom on sight art, art prints, resin work, stickers, charms and buttons.

Exhibit Hall #77

Rebel Monkey logo

Rebel Monkey Studio

Nick Washegesic is a comic book writer, artist, creator and animator. Single dad by day, spider killer in the evening, artist at night.

Exhibit Hall #78

Red Stone Art Studio Logo

Red Stone Art Studio

Haley McAndrews is an award-winning artist from Iowa. She works in a variety of mediums, from pen and ink drawings to digital, acrylic and watercolor paintings. Her first children’s picture book, “If Only I Had” was published in 2021.

Exhibit Hall #63

Red's Shiny Bits

Offering shiny things that sparkle and delight. Jewelry, crowns, nerdy things that need a new home.

Exhibit Hall #69

Shade's Findings And The Evil Nae

Shade’s Findings is a custom costume shop and alternative boutique. We offer many products for your cosplay needs. While at conventions we share with you our collection of geekery in wearables and plush. Partnered with The Evil Nae Designs we have been able to showcase her one-of-a-kind art on pillows and recreate it into plush. The Evil Nae also shares with you her wonderful art in print and button form. Together we have many more exciting collaborations to come.

Exhibit Hall #115 and 125

Shane Sauer Art

Shane Sauer Art sells prints of original Japanese Sumie style paintings inspired by anime, manga, and video games.

Exhibit Hall #96 and 106

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue logo

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

To promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull type dogs in the United States. Sioux Empire Pit Rescue has been saving pit bulls since 2009. Some of the first dogs in our program came when our founders volunteered at the Missouri 500 dog fighting bust, the largest multi-state fighting bust in the United States.

Exhibit Hall #147

Tatting by Liz logo

Tatting By Liz

I make handmade tatted lace jewelry, bookmarks and ornaments.

Exhibit Hall #48

The Gilded Rose logo

The Gilded Rose

I make original art, original character art, fanart, and deck/dice boxes.

Exhibit Hall #92

The Meggles logo

The Meggles Art

I am an artist who sells Art Prints, Stickers, Pins, Bookmarks, Charms, and acrylic grips.

Exhibit Hall #67

Theoretically.Okay logo


We’re the pink table! come find us and say hi for all your kawaii needs. From stickers to prints to so much more, we have something for all ages and all ranges!

Exhibit Hall #61

Timothy Chiasson Art logo

Timothy Chiasson Art

Timothy Chiasson, is a licensed ROBOTECH Artist by Funimation/Crunchyroll), and a Military Themed artist, who provideds prints of original artwork, and or originals (if available). All artwork is signed.

Exhibit Hall #93

Tortured Earth LLC

Tortured Earth is a class-less, level-less role-playing game system. We also sell a variety of banners, sunglasses, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and game supplies.

Exhibit Hall #111 and 121

ToyRobot logo

ToyRobot Magazine

ToyRobot Magazine is a unique, high-quality fanzine published right here in South Dakota! Each issue is 44 pages in full color and printed on high-quality paper. Read about Transformers and other Transforming robots, with unique articles, posters, interviews, and more. We also have collectible posters for sale!

Exhibit Hall #116

Tracy Area Animal Rescue

We are a small 501c3 non-profit organization in southwest Minnesota trying our best to rescue & place animals in need of their forever homes. We service SW Minnesota, NW Iowa and the Sioux Empire region of South Dakota.

Exhibit Hall #141

Travis Bentley Design Logo

Travis Bentley Design

Travis Bentley Design offers a unique approach to a wide range of pop culture fandoms. Using traditional brush pens for line work and a mix of digital color and traditional watercolor to create works that span all tastes and niches. He is primarily known for his mecha illustrations and watercolor artworks of which he sells original art, fine art prints, and stickers of these pieces.

Exhibit Hall #127

Triforce Cosplay Logo

Triforce Cosplay and Accessories

We are selling foam swords and props.

Exhibit Hall #142

Turbulent Games Logo

Siouxper Sponsor!

Turbulent Games

Turbulent Games is a retail hobby store owned by local residents Russell Carlson and Keegan Batson. Our product selection includes dice games, board games, card games, miniatures, and other gaming accessories.

Located in the Tabletop Gaming Room

Wild Bill's Logo

Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop

We sell Stainless Steel Souvenir Mugs with daily refills of our fountain soda. Made with cane sugar. Our caffeine-free, and gluten-free flavors include Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Vanilla, Black Cherry, Sarsaparilla, Birch and Orange. Stainless steel straws and lids.

Exhibit Hall #146

Wizard Hook Logo

Wizard Hook

I make nerdy/fandom inspired scented candles and wax melts. I also make various other gifts such as book sleeves.

Exhibit Hall #124