Meet the Team

Our Staff

SiouxperCon could not happen without the dedicated work of our staff, who spend months planning the event. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization and our volunteer staff are true “siouxper” heroes to us!

Volunteer Staff

  • Shane Gerlach, Guest Coordinator, Staff Director & Convention Co-Director
  • Brian Gochal, Convention Co-Director & Exhibit Hall Coordinator
  • Donelle Gerlach, Convention Director Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator & Merchandise Coordinator
  • Randi Gochal, Convention Director Assistant & Exhibit Hall Coordinator
  • Mychelle Garrigan, Director of Con Operations; Website & Social Media Manager
  • Sarah Chandler Butler, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ariana James, After Dark Coordinator
  • Dale James, After Dark Coordinator
  • Chris Arnold, Ticketing Director
  • Christal Kaeding, Cosplay Director
  • Jason Kaeding, Cosplay Director
  • Crista Kaeding, Cosplay Assistant
  • Douglas Kaeding, Cosplay Assistant
  • Kaitlin Holinka, Family Day and Kidzone Coordinator
  • Dani Ektnitphong, Family Day and Kidzone Coordinator
  • Joe Hamerly, Tabletop Gaming Coordinator
  • Brian Mensing, Film Festival Coordinator
  • Casey Kelderman, Film Festival Coordinator
  • Winston Flowers, Floor Manager
  • Jacob Hawk, Merchandise Booth & Info/Attendee Relations Desk
  • Jake Cox, Master of Ceremonies
  • Jenna Devine, Guest Wrangler
  • Ken McFarland, Guest Wrangler
  • Melissa Postrello, Guest Wranger
  • Mika Gochal, Guest Wrangler
  • Matt Witkop, Videogame Coordinator
  • Travis Gillette, Videogame Coordinator
  • Tom Devine, Videogame Coordinator
  • Michael Witkop, Videogame staff
  • Alec Whitcomb, Videogame Staff
  • Ashley Hubbard, Green Room Hostess
  • Ruthie Pottratz, Breezeway Manager
  • CJ Pesante, DJ
  • Carmen Pesante, DJ
  • Jon Barnes, Videographer
  • Spencer Knudson, Photographer

Our Board of Directors

  • Nelson Zephier
  • Tyson Wharton
  • April Meyerink
  • Jayson Weihs
  • Kristi Jacobsma
  • Gabriel Night Shield
  • John Small
  • Mychelle Garrigan, Executive Director