Meet the Team

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Our Board

Tyson Wharton, Chair

Mychelle Blake, Vice Chair

Paul Christiansen, Board Member

Nelson Zephier, Board Member

Dez Murray, Board Member

Tiffany Janssen, Board Member

Brian Broekemeier, Treasurer

Our Staff

Con Director: Charlie Eccles

Favorite kind of food:  If it’s wrapped in a tortilla, I’ll eat it.  If it’s baked in an oven, I’ll likely eat it.  If it’s not human flesh, I’ll consider it.  

Favorite Character:  Daredevil

Favorite pro wrestler: Edge (Yes, I cried during the Royal Rumble), Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan
What do I have to say about myself: I’m ecstatic to be the director of SiouxperCon for 2020.  I’m most looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful attendees and how much fun they are going to have!  My love for nerd culture starts with Professional Wrestling and spans to Comics, Art and Animation. I’m an Aries.  I’m taken. I’m ready to get September here so I can see all of my friends at SiouxperCon!!

Guest Coordinator: Shane Gerlach
Favorite Kind of Food: Home cooked, slaved over all day, unappreciated by my family, sit down at the table, Sunday lunch comfort food. 

Favorite Character: Bigby Wolf-Fables

What do I have to say about myself: I’m the last of the original crew that followed Brian into the Abyss to bring SiouxperCon to life. I am honored to have this last hurrah with SiouxperCon before handing it off to the next generation. (Honestly they have already taken over, they are just humoring me and letting me hang out). I’m back doing what I did for the first 2 SiouxperCon conventions, I’m booking the guests and making sure that they are well taken care of while in Sioux Falls. I am an advocate for the people in recovery that I work with every day as an Addiction Counselor & my beautiful 12 year old son Derek who is kicking ass in his battle with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. I’ve been married for 20 years and a comic book fan for 45 years. 

Panel Coordinator: Mike Fletcher

Favorite kind of food: Chili Cheese Dogs all day every day!

Favorite Character: Batman

What do I have to say about myself: I have a lot of loves in my life, my wife Anna and my son Derrick at the top!  I’m a humble, proud step dad of two as well, Jason and Samantha. I’m a huge Huskers fan, born and raised in Omaha.  Go big red! I’ve spent most of my career as a multi store leader in the restaurant world. If I’m not at work in the hospitality industry or watching sports you’ll find me at the theater, my sanctuary!  Love being a part of a great organization like SiouxperCon for the third year. Did I mention GO BIG RED! 🔴🌽


Cosplay Coordinator: Christal Kaeding

Favorite Food: Teriyaki chicken, white rice, veggies is my go to choice.

Favorite character: Wonder Woman

What I have to say about myself: I love spending time with family, friends and my pets! I’m a reader of all kinds of books and comics. I’m always trying to learn new things and how to make all kinds of different stuff. I’m from Graham, Washington and a huge Seahawks fan!! I’ve been married to Jason Kaeding for over 21 years, with 2 adult kids. I’m always volunteering, help out others is fun for me. Im siouxperexcited to be on staff as part of the cosplay team!

Cosplay Coordinator: Jason Kaeding

Favorite  Food: Easy make Lasagna

Favorite Character: not Character- Voltron

What do I have to say about myself: I’m a Jack of all trades. I like learning new ways to improve my builds in virtual game world and real life builds. I enjoy teach other how to build and make stuff. My family is my pride and joy, they are my biggest supporters and my biggest fans. This is the way!

Board Gaming & RPG Coordinator: Matt Holbeck
Favorite kind of food: Chinese

Favorite Character: Flash

What do I have to say about myself: I started out year one as a volunteer then joined the staff for the next two as one of the heads for gaming. I took a year off, but I’m grateful to be back on staff for Siouxperon. I am back and will be helping out with our board gaming and RPGs. I love to spend free time playing video games, playing D&D and other RPGs, watching movies, reading or hanging out with my cat.

Merchandising: Nicole “Nicky” Neal
Favorite kind of food: Korean

Favorite Character: Maleficent (1959)

What do I have to say about myself: I’m a hands-on creative person and you can usually find me behind a workbench of some sort either building my latest cosplay, working on historical sewing, or doing design work for wearable merch or promotional items. For my first year of SiouxperCon was a cosplay judge and for my second I was assistant to the cosplay chair. This year I’m lending my passion in design to come up with some awesome new merchandise for the SiouxperCon patrons, staff, and volunteers. 

Video Game Coordinator: Tom (Donkey Kong) Devine

Favorite Video Games & Comics: I’m a 100k plus player of the original Donkey Kong arcade, and it is my favorite game of all time, followed closely by Super Mario World, Splinter Cell, Fallout 4, and Skyrim. Comics – Y the Last Man, Planetary, Saga, Lazurus, and Watchmen.

Favorite Character: Luigi!

What do I have to say about myself: A lifetime fan of storytelling, I’m the father of 3 awesome kids, and have the best wife imaginable. I work in the Audio Video Electronics industry when I’m not living that #DadLife, playing games or reading comics  I’m the co-host of everyone’s favorite TV show on comic books called, A Comic Book Look. For almost 10 years myself and Jon Runyan have been spreading the Comic gospel. This will be my 4th year working with SiouxperCon. I would say my geekdom covers Comics, Video Games, Film, Podcasts & Music. 


Vendor Coordinator: Brian Mensing
Favorite Kind of Food: Pizza

Favorite Character: Deadpool

What do I have to say about myself: I definitely would call myself a nerd and a geek. I have been playing video games since my dad brought home our Texas Instruments Home Computer.  The idea of being able to play videogames at home was a blast. I had to be the guy that bought the Sega Master System to be “different.” Xbox has been life for 18 years.  I lived and breathed Superman comics in high school before graduating to the dark side of Evil Ernie and Lady Death. I hope to use Siouxpercon a means to bring all sorts of people together and show my kids that everyone can be a little different but still have an amazing community.  My goal as the exhibitor coordinator is to ensure our artists and vendors have a great and seamless time.

Volunteer Coordinator: Amanda Mensing

Favorite Kind of Food: Dessert

Favorite Character: Harley Quinn

What do I have to say about myself: I’ve been a fan of nerd culture since I was a kid and picked up my first Atari controller. When the first Nintendo came out, I was in heaven. Mario and Luigi were part of my childhood, and eventually, as I got older I moved on to Super Nintendo, Sega, and Xbox. Then I got into comic books and superheroes, and the rest is history. My hope is to spread this love to my 5-year-old twin boys. This is my 2nd year working with Siouxpercon and am excited to work with our volunteers to make this an amazing event!


Front of House Coordinator: Lori Pokela

Favorite kind of food: B&G cookie dough avalanche with chocolate ice cream (add malt flavoring) 🙂 

Favorite Character: Hermione Granger

What does she have to say about herself: I cannot overstate how much I value customer experience, and I cannot wait to serve in the Front of House to ensure an awesome experience for each and every Siouxpercon patron! I love smiling, I love laughing, and I cannot wait to see and create joy at Siouxpercon this year.


After Dark Coordinator: Chris Stien

Favorite Food:  Coffee beers, Gin, PBR

Favorite Characters: Cyclops, Magneto, Black Bolt, Batman, Lying Cat, Morpheus

Me stuff: I am a lifelong comic reader, starting with X-titles- especially X-Force- at a young age.  This evolved into Sandman and Vertigo titles and came all the back around to superheroes and grown-up stuff like Saga.  I devour a lot of normal books, too. I am a big cinefile, random anime fan and dig stand-up comedy. I make beats, write songs and have played shows and DJ’d specific events.  You don’t want me to do your wedding. My ultimate goal is to get Krysten Ritter and Emma Dumont as guests and cross a few things off my bucket list.

Master of Ceremonies: Robert Brown

Bio coming soon!

Video: Zach Werre

Bio coming soon!

SiouxperCon is a nonprofit educational event dedicated to promoting literacy and valuable life skills in an inclusive and friendly environment.  The vision of SiouxperCon is to engage individuals, cultivating their interest in comics and various popular art forms through workshops, panels, seminars, exhibitions and hosting conventions. Our board and staff are 100% volunteer driven.