Meet the Team

Our Staff

SiouxperCon could not happen without the dedicated work of our staff, who spend months planning the event. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization and our volunteer staff are true “siouxper” heroes to us!


Staff Tyson Wharton

Tyson Wharton, SiouxperCon Co-Director

Staff Mychelle Garrigan

Mychelle Garrigan, SiouxperCon Co-Director


Staff Shane Gerlach

Shane Gerlach, Staff Director & Guest Coordinator

Staff Melissa Prostrollo

Melissa Prostrello, Guest Wrangler

Staff Ken McFarland

Ken McFarland, Guest Wrangler

Staff Ruthie Pottratz

Ruthie Pottratz, Guest Wrangler


Staff Christal Kaeding

Christal Kaeding, Cosplay Co-Coordinator

Staff Jason Kaeding

Jason Kaeding, Cosplay Co-Coordinator

Video Gaming

Staff Tom Devine

Tom Devine, Video Gaming Coordinator

Staff Travis Gillette

Travis “Trippity Trav” Gillette, Video Gaming Staff

Staff Matt Witkop

Matt KaptinKup Witkop, Gaming Staff

Tabletop Gaming

Staff Jesse Yost

Jesse Yost, Tabletop Gaming Coordinator

Staff Laura Bera

Laura Bera, Tabletop Gaming Staff

Front of House & Events

Staff Ashley Hubbard

Ashley Hubbard, Front of House Coordinator

Staff Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold, Ticketing Coordinator

Staff Brian Gochal

Brian Gochal, Exhibit Hall  Coordinator

Staff Kaitlin Holinka

Kaitlin Holinka, Family Day   Coordinator

Staff Randi Gochal

Randi Gochal, Family Day Assistant Coordinator

Staff Jon Runyan

Jon Runyan, Panels Coordinator

Staff Jake Cox

Jake Cox, Master of Ceremonies


Staff Donelle Gerlach

Donelle Gerlach, Volunteer Coordinator

Staff Sarah Chandler Butler

Sarah Chandler Butler, Volunteers

After Dark

Staff Arianna James

Ariana James, After Dark Co-Coordinator

Staff Dale James

Dale James, After Dark Co-Coordinator

Our Board

Mychelle Blake, Chair

Nelson Zephier, Vice Chair

Tyson Wharton, Past Chair

Paul Christiansen, Treasurer

April Meyerink, Secretary

Brian Broekemeier, Founder